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02.2012 Интервью MBLAQ для журнала Inkigayo [02.2012]

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Перевод на английский: mocha @ AbsoluteMBLAQ
Перевод на русский: ~Odango~

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MBLAQ - BLAQ% Ver [flac* + scans]

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MBLAQ - BLAQ% Ver [flac]

1 - BLAQ%
2 - 100%
3 - Beautiful
4 - Run
5 - This is War
6 - Scribble
7 - Her Dazzling
8 - Hello My Ex
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MBLAQ - BLAQ% Ver [scans]

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12.05.2012 Пи и MBLAQ на Friends FM

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© ratoka rain @ YouTube
Перевод на английский: 화니 @rain-cloud.co.kr
Перевод на русский ~Odango~

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MBLAQ - Rising Sun

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Это было неожиданно)
И что замечательно - они не стали перепевать песню, а оставили оригинальные голоса. В противном случае был бы выброс говна в вентиляторы, а так - респект и уважуха от Кассиопеи~

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MBLAQ - BLAQ Memories ~ Best in Korea [video+scans+flac*]

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MBLAQ - BLAQ Memories ~ Best in Korea [video+scans+flac]

01 Sad Memories
02 Oh Yeah
03 G.O.O.D Luv
04 Y
05 Last Luv
06 Cry
07 Stay
08 Can't Come Back
09 You
10 You're my +
11 Rust
12 Mona Lisa
13 You're my + (Jap ver)
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MBLAQ - BLAQ Memories ~ Best in Korea [DVD Rip]

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BLAQ Memories ~ Best in Korea [scans]

Сачать: BLAQ Memories Regular Edition
BLAQ Memories Limited Edition

*flac - свободный кодек, предназначенный для сжатия аудиоданных без потерь. В отличие от аудио-кодеков, обеспечивающих сжатие с потерями (MP3, AAC, WMA, Ogg Vorbis, M4A) FLAC не удаляет никакой информации из аудиопотока и подходит как для прослушивания музыки, так и для архивирования аудиоколлекции. ©

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03.04.2012MBLAQ - Run и Hurricane на Beautiful Concert

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Поскольку Run'ом нас уже не удивишь (да еще и без Сынхо), то смотреть начиная с 3.15. Сынхо и Пёнхи исполняют песню Hurricane Эрика Беннета. Шикарно исполняют...
Послушать и скачать mp3 исполнения. (с) aianeBlaq @ AbsoluteMBLAQ

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Please spread this message to all A+!

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The IA+ will know our famous 'This is War' signature dance move. The Shadow/Domino dance.
BUT KA+ knows it as 잔상춤(JanSangDance) it is the official name of Our Signature dance move that our YangLeader himself has named for us.
But sadly a very misinformed Journalist used our 잔상춤 to label Shinee's Dance move. The K Shawols not knowing it was Mblaq's Signature dance move name started assuming that it was for Shinee.
The KA+ was upset by this news as we were losing our Signature name that we were proud of & wrote a post letting the KShawols know of the misinformation.
Reading the post the Korean Shawols have agreed that the name of the dance belongs to A+ and MBLAQ
and Korean Shawols and Korean A+ had reached a mutual agreement.
The KShawols were going to change to a different name and it seemed everything was all wrapped up...
However, SHINee does not know about this and said on a radio program that "Our fans named our dance move as 잔상춤 (JansangDance)" for them.
So now we are afraid of losing our Signature dance name as Shinee's popularity will probably override our claims if this goes further w/o their knowledge.
KA+ & KShawols have been tweeting this misunderstanding all day yesterday but the Radio thing has made us worry and realized it was crucial to let Shinee themselves know of the situation.
We are trying to protect what is so precious to us! It is more precious as YangLeader himself gave the name and we have been using this name from 'Y' as well.
'Y' and 'This is War' are the only songs we actually Won #1 with so this Signature dance name is more precious to us than ever.
Shinee is a very big group and we are afraid that now everyone will relate our precious name w/ Shinee instead of Mblaq. It is too precious and dear to our A+s heart to lose. Plz help RT the ACTUAL TWEET LINKED below as it has the original post linked and it is mentioned to one of Shinee's member themselves so that they can also be aware of our situation.
Thanks!! Hwaiting A+ & Mblaq!
Help RT this actual tweet please: https://twitter.com/#!/aplus0727/status/183442123843043328

IA+ - internationa A+
KA+ - Korean A+

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MBLAQ - Beautiful

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Прекрасная песня :heart: Жаль только, что не подготовили для нее танец~

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10.03.2012 MBLAQ - Run

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Чхансону, видимо, решили дать отдохнуть - теперь в центре внимание некая девушка. И она прекрасна *_*

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That's My Boys!

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Когда 2 месяца назад MBLAQ выпустили свой 4-й мини-альбом "100% ver", я стала мечтать о том, чтобы они выступили с Run. "This is war" я люблю пламенно и странно, но Run настолько неожиданна и рандомна, что мне было безумно интересно увидеть танец. И я была просто на 7 небе от счастья, когда их компания официально объявила о том, что в марте начнутся выступления с ней. Парни писали в Твиттере о изматывающих репетициях, а воображение все рисовало и рисовало возможные варианты хореографии.

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Lovely Essay from A+

All I want 4 Xmas Is U
Written by: Hairi Park
Compiled by: Mehwish Mahmood
Edited by: Emi Tea ©

Lies. Controversies. Insults. Truth. Hate. The truth is in there somewhere. Who is wrong and who is right? Maybe it’s complicated. Maybe it’s simple. Maybe we’ll never know the entire truth. But among the lies, controversies, insults, and hate, here is a fragment of the truth.

Well… Let’s start from the beginning shall we?

The other idol’s win resulted in many rumors and gossip. Many people questioned the win because there was a huge amount of sales in a very short period of time. A lot of bad talk and rumors were floating around… but we cannot be sure that they are true. However, it is a fact that everyone was sensitive about this issue. Seungho and G.O calmed us down with their tweets…however, that was the exact reason why G.O got attacked…

People misinterpreted his tweet. We, as A+, know that he is talking about our hard work and efforts… but to others… It had a completely different meaning.

In his tweet he says, “We all know the truth, then it is enough, thanks for your hard work this week too! Love you!!”

Others interpreted it as… “We know that the ‘cheating thing’ is true…” It was an “in reality, we are the true winners” kind of interpretation. And this resulted to a whole lot of attacks and issues involving G.O. People started to claim that G.O was insulting the other group’s win.

This continued to the point where one of our KA+ admins… Well here’s some background info first…

KA+ has strict rules on the official website, such as “no mentioning any other artist except MBLAQ”, no this, no that… we, KA+ are known for its politeness and goodness, and we try to protect that image.

Well… the admin said: screw that; we are going on a “lifting all rules” period. And so A+ was allowed to do whatever they wanted…

At the beginning there was bunch of posts protecting MBLAQ… Twitter went off like crazy… A+ even went to the most painful site that we try to avoid (nate.com, where everyone swears at each other). A+ started to go to all of these places… And we fought back to protect MBLAQ. Although A+ was fighting back in defense, everyone tried to do so in a controlled manner… The admin was so surprised at how controlled our uproar was… she even questioned the purpose of having rules for us.

A beautiful irony is that our image as a fandom is really pure… This kind of image does not just appear. It takes a while to establish a pure fandom. It is difficult to create, and even more difficult to maintain. But we as A+ try to protect that image.

When all turmoil died down… we realized that many people were on our side as G.O was wrongfully accused. Sometimes when we A+ are just minding our business and ignoring hateful comments… other fandoms would shield us on their own free will. They would say: “Don’t touch A+.” Even critics who hate idols have said, “A+ is the only fandom that I leave alone”.

To tell you the truth we have a hard time trying to calm ourselves in front of insults and rage… but at times when other fandoms come to protect us on their own free will is when I feel that it was all worth it… Do you know now? A lot of comments in Korean sites consist of: “MBLAQ is the only group that made me become their fan because of their fandom”. Some say, “I fell in love with MBLAQ’s fandom… and so I became MBLAQ’s fan”.

That is why we are very protective and cautious of our every move. Because we understand that the relationship between idols and their fans is sensitive. Because our actions reflect upon MBLAQ’s image. Because we care.

Three words others use to describe A+ is: polite, pretty(?), and poised. This allows MBLAQ to be portrayed as an idol that has something that other idols lack—such as, the wide range of ages within their fandom. This is also one of the reason as to why we don’t do as well on charts. Adults and older people generally don’t know how to stream… so that is why we don’t get as much streamers compared to the number of fans registered on our website! But in a way… our low charts can be a compliment. Because we have a very wide range of fans that other idols don’t normally have. Many idols usually have a fandom of “teen”, but this is not the case for MBLAQ. They have support from adults and older generations as well. This means MBLAQ has the capacity and talent to capture the attention of people all around the world, no matter what age they are, no matter what language they speak, no matter what.

For most part, but not all, I think a fandom’s image is very important on how the artist is portrayed.. especially if they are still not well established in the entertainment industry. Even people, who are not in any kind of fandom say, “Even though I had no issues with some idols, it can change negatively in a second due to the rudeness of their fans”.

Fans play a HUGE role and that is why we are a cautious fandom… that is why some call us the intelligent fans. They say, “You think A+ are dumb because they let insults off the hook or say sorry and ask to still look at them nicely…? Well you are wrong… To me, they are the scariest and intelligent fans I have ever seen. They give me the chills… because they don’t do any dirty work, but others end up doing it for them. Never underestimate them; they are not being nice because they are dumb or weak. Everyone else is being manipulated. So don’t you try to nudge the very calm and pretty-looking A+… you don’t know what you are getting yourself into.”

Amid the lies, controversies, insults, and hate, this is a precious piece of truth we hold on to.

We support MBLAQ, who supports us.
We care for MBLAQ, who cares for us.
We protect MBLAQ, who protects us.
We love MBLAQ, who loves us.

We are a fandom that is as charismatic as the idols we support.
We are a fandom that is as respectful as the idols we care for.
We are a fandom that is as strong as the idols we protect.
We are a fandom that is as pure as the idols we love.
We are A+… And we are proud.
- A+
Frighteningly well-mannered since 2009.

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MBLAQ - 100% Ver [flac+scans]

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MBLAQ Mona Lisa Style [Booklet Scans]

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24.01.2012 Интервью MBLAQ для журнала K-RUSH

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Перевод на китайский: MBLAQChina
Перевод на английский: crispee@mblaqattack.net
Перевод на русский: ~Odango~

Внеплановое интервью. Изначально я хотела его выложить только на следующей неделе, но решила, что надо чем-то подсластить горькую пилюлю :weep3:

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Сегодня снова наш день!!!

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:beg: :ura: :jump3:

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А+ объявили войну...

All I want 4 Xmas Is U
...и они ее выиграли!!!

Все A+, JTune и MBLAQ'и ждали этого момента дольше 1,5 лет и вот он свершился. Они победили!!! Спасибо всем, кто купил их мини-альбом, голосовал на сайтах, мучил поисковики, отправлял деньги корейским А+ и посылал смс. Вы - лучшие! Потому что лучшей группе - только лучших фанатов :vict:

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19.01.2012 Интервью MBLAQ для журнала Hanako #1011

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Перевод на английский: yuka1226 @ AbsoluteMBLAQ
Перевод на русский: ~Odango~

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Ли Чхансон: Прошлый год был худшим. Надеюсь, что этот будет лучше.

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Обычно я не перевожу интервью с каким-то одним участником группы, но это показалось мне особенно интересным (я вот и не догадывалась про провода и кнопки на выстреле), поэтому решила не проходить мимо)

Несмотря на свою выдающуюся внешность и способности, MBLAQ еще не получили награды на трех музыкальных каналах. "Вы не испытываете гнета из-за того, что другие, менее популярные чем MBLAQ группы становятся первым номером?" Чхансон ответил: "Пока мне не стыдно за себя, пока я хорошо выступаю, думаю, этого достаточно".

Выступления с песней "Это война" снискали отличные отклики, особенно то, как Чхансон отыгрывает выстрел. Но сам он этим не доволен. "Мне приходится нажимать на кнопку, чтобы прозвучал ружейный выстрел. Кажется, что в этой части я делаю много ошибок. Из-за того, что на мне много проводов, мне мнится, что мои движения выглядят неестественно".

Про 2012 год Чхансон сказал следующее: "Пока что лучше, чем 2011". И продолжил: "Я не могу рассказать вам подробности, но я постепенно начал терять доверию к людям, потому что я пострадал из-за предательства тех, кто рядом со мной. О многом я не могу рассказать, поэтому чувствую себя несчастным. Я надеюсь, что такого не повторится в 2012-м. Если я буду многого ждать, то разочарование будет сильнее, поэтому сейчас я не жду ничего, я просто надеюсь, что моя жизнь будет лучше".

Насчет съемок в фильмах и сериалах Чхансон сказал, что он не жаждет в них сниматься. "У меня активная работа в составе MBLAQ, поэтому не похоже, что я смогу сосредоточиться на игре. Пение или съемки в развлекательной передаче - я все равно буду стремиться к совершенству. После этого я понемногу буду прорастать в актерство. Может быть, позже, но я верю, что если много работать, то все будет лучше. А сейчас, думаю, я могу еще многому научиться как участник MBLAQ."


Источник: Newsen
Перевод на английский: kpopkiss0000@tumblr 1, 2
Перевод на русский: ~Odango~

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MBLAQ 2012 Season's Greeting Calendar [scans]

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.:Clouds & A'pples:.